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The struggle of Man to renew the Upright Way

Translated by Yusra Al-Ayoubi

I weep the lovers of truth,

Their memory is still alive

In the city of peace

Ah for a return of a convent

At the mount of Alam

A convent in the eve of Badr that swept darkness

And made alive all the joys of paradise

The convent of brothers that ended an era of privation

Rending man to pieces, to fragmentation

Peoples were slaves, one to another

Where all of them were slaves to a system

Of ignorance and aggression

Kings were attendants either to Rome or Persia

Their cravings had spilt of us torrents of blood

From Basous to Ghabra never ended the wars

Of Arabs neither in permitted nor in forbidden days

Nor Persians and Romans had their wars and strives calmed

Ways of life were closed to man.

He was wrapped by despair

Then they found a hope for freedom in a destiny

That cancelled from life all artificial gods

Soon the truthful came to announce the hope

Never to fear Qouraish nor their violence

The conflict was great as was his courage

In an epoch of total confusion

Alone he struggled facing the world

Having a perfect consciousness

Of what perplexing questions he would confront

Never was he accused to lack truth

All testified to his reason and generosity

His daring was the proof that he was the chosen

For all nations


In Mecca rose his vocation to Islam

Which called to a high school of virtues

Constructing an epic of rules

To build souls for their salvation

Revolution swelled up , became greater in force, advanced

Gathering group after group for liberation

Confronting an alliance of pagans and idols

Jews, Arabs of various sects and deviations

This was only a beginning, a hope

To repair the sterile life of man

Its aim was fulfilled in establishing

A convent of brotherhood for man's delivering 


From the base and the corrupt

Who coveted to lead the people stupidly

Leading people is for their benefit only 

A heavy responsibility, no one but a resolute could meet   

 The mission is a construction building men on courage

Where unflinching heroes graduate

They give their souls for a conviction

Dear to them, leading men to salvation

They rush to ruin the prisons of the unjust

While the sword sweeps "the deaf and ignorant"

They disperse the gatherings of opportunists

They lift up minarets of conversion

To enlighten human beings how to live in amity

A life of cooperation by mutual good will

For an individual is great only in a community

A life of completion for no one is perfect by his fortunes

A life of generous trust void of revenge

Our house became bereaved after those

Who built and defended the land

The great men went, the corrupt, unjust

Unworthy had the upper hand

Mischievously blocking man's progress

Surrounded by priests spreading a religion

Void of redress

The black retrogression of a new paganism

Came back to build the temple of idols

While Moslems turned aside by their deviation

From allegiance to faith into fragmentation

You think them one in the fever of ceremonies

Their hearts are divorced without reconciliation

Every one has an idol to adore

God has only formal observances, the content no more


Ahmad's ceremonies surrounded life

Moulded the brothers of Islam into one

Regimented their lives.

Their lands became fortresses

No foe to enter or trespass

The broken idols of their lusts were lifeless

But when they became spiritless

Leaving to shadows the essence

They dissolved, became downtrodden and bare

The foes robbed them of life, no one to spare

Cancelled their role in the world

Enslaved them to inhuman law

Their lands were lost, their power extinguished

None of them could defend man against humiliation

The bondage of slavery and indignation

Evil increased, people annihilated, wealth plundered

In this gloomy world of usury

Millions were killed, millions died of hunger

Arabs, Africans, Indians and Persians

All had to drudge and suffer

We returned to Jahiliyah and Barbarism


The white faced, black hearted European beast

Avaricious capitalist, ravenous monopolist

Comes to men in a flowery fashion

Assuming to push men into welfare

Where nothing they attain but despair

To many other evils beyond repair

Long are the stories of mentioned aggressors

Incessantly in the bloody history of our nation.

But the age of wretchedness imposes

On man new aggressions and pains

A satanic age, its soldiers never spare

A land or a nation of evil snare

Those who finished the red Indians

Never are tired of spreading calamities

Under devilish flags they gathered

Antagonists, retrogrades of every land

Crawled to grow on, to expand

The seven headed snake of Hercules functions

Again from death had resurrection

The biggest head is America

Ferociously dashing gnawing man and values

Drowned by corruption our world

Lit fires and hells whose victims

Counted thousands thousand in their systems


Our Jahiliyah came back with a notorious face

It grew within the Yankee's lace

Fastened to the forest law

How many calamities it brought and sorrow

They ruled us by the most abominable

No one is great but a dwarf and a foe

On the way of heroes lie

Rascals of Khazars, Jews and servants

Hiram, Balqees, Solomon had built

And paved the markets' way for nations to thrive

Mutually exchanging their benefit

Where they as brothers to one mother meet

Ways where great civilizations had flourished

Their pure springs were healing for ever

Springs of missions calling man

To reason and morals not to perish

The thieves came to turn it into a way

Of plunder, slaughter, the values to betray


The way of Hiram from Tyre to Aden

America had shut by the tempter and his men

Fast shut to stream forth its benefits

To its treasury, while Arabs are to feed hell

The way of missions, to the evil became prey

Severed after unity from the old

Hiram, Balqees, and Solomon the prophet imposed

Its unity to be for all nations a bridge

Not for any cause to spoil and damage

Ahmad's Isra' consecrated the unity

Never should the Rock of Jerusalem

From the Haram of Mecca be separated

Solid it should be to a house of Peace

Elevating man to soar, healing him of disease

The Yankees today turned it to ruins

Where avarice bountifully poured down

To this our people are alert

With anger they wait the drastic change

They know the foe although the rulers are blind for advantage

The origin is America, Israel is only a tail

Throwing stones is the harbinger

To sweep the remnants

Servants and attendants

Of the Arab world

A master stroke would bring about

The extensive change of a system old

We are of a nation suffered long

Exposed to fire, bared to annihilation

By world usury and stagnation

In the heart, the power of resistance should function

As a torrent from the three Harams of the region

Every age has suitable ideals

Thoroughly related, their elements make a whole order

Those who explain by ancient ages a modern age

Will ramble as those who explain by the present the ancient

Believes always are a participation

Enjoyed or suffered in common

Without contention where man strives for a bountiful good

Even if he were a pretender in mood

No difference there is between the upright ways

And progress advancing to the stars

While injustice has no support but from few

In every religion there is a resistance anew

To any violation of nature's rules

The Satan of Amr- Ben Woud  was not eternal

In form it embodied an idol in a slave system

Now it transformed: monopoly and usury creed

Ceremonies became shadows: delusions conveyed or believed

To destroy injustice in modern systems

Resurrects the comrades'.

Jihad in the city of Peace

A struggle for all adherents

To the One God missions

Remove the new idols of humiliation

Injustice is a denial to integrity, liberty, legality

So long it insulted man, deprived him of equity

The unjust men are diverged by their antagonism

Their deceit impresses only the misled

The astray that retrograde into mean

Ideas and Paganism.

Nothing but the One God revolution

Could gather the fragments and bring the dead to life

Our Satan of today is the monopoly spreading

Over the world in a system of blindness

Moving evil in the puddle of sin

By soldiers numerous, belligerent, undisciplined                                      

Running in all directions

Forming a whole in all communities, growing fast

Nothing but the revolution of nations could gratify the thirst

Not advantageous to remove one

All should proceed as one man

Satan of today appears sometimes in a flowery colour

Without shame is seen in another disguise

A liar, inconsistent, queer

Betrays by the name of faithfulness

Perfume on dirtiness

A unionist, servant to unbelief and idol

Tireless calls to a union built on sand

Loudly cries "clutch with the rod"

Clasp in the arms of America

For this is the new God

In another he bewails our kinfolk

His intention is to sell them

To the foes in blocs

Active in the secret channels

Having the size of a leader to exercise

On his nation its destruction

Again don't ask about the groups of opportunists

This form Satan preferred for sin

The secret powers in the system of monopoly

Are led by the servants of Satan in darkness

The intelligent is rarely to be of benefit

Prone to various evils

Yielding in the grasp of power and conflict

You who operated the causes of the universe

You who came from a complex abstraction

You are perfection, you lack not our world

In everything exalted, or every thing low

Elevated above diverse desires and deviation

How can we ask for assistance to satisfy our cravings?

A god you are to all human beings

You answer them if they yield to your judgment

Wisdom is to understand the process of your reasoning

Not in the illusions of void ceremony

Observances fix us on a system

They become empty when the system in evil drowned

You created a universe in a marvellous form

Not subject to either good or evil

For life an upright even way

Leading to eternity in its general cause

Paved by reason, love of beauty

Life flourishes on its sides to the understanding

While the fall to abyss is certain to the deviating

The abyss is the blind forces noisy by confusion

Clamorous, boiling, melting life into non-existence

This way is saving from life destruction and nothingness

Its benefit long preserved to nations

Life is a whole, it is built on completion not on divisions

Never will prosperity or satiety prevail

In a nation when hunger kills the toilsome

Thousands thousand of hunger fall

How could the system of imperialists not fall?

Only the Jihad of man remains for ever

It is life, a rescue from the blindness of injustice

From death in silence, ceding to aggressors

Leaving the field to the evil and dirty oppressors


Nation of Arabs, the mother of civilization

The mother of missions, to Man conversion

Your sons are destined to Jihad

If it is hated, it will be for them a new life

While an imperialist is feeding his greed

You are on the top as a victim among nations

You will not cede to humiliation

Man will be saved if you surpass the others

The way of Hiram, rescue from blind deaf powers

Resume the upright way, the land of your sons

Inspire the Jihad of your great prophets

The Jihad of Mohammed and the heroes

Who made for man a house of Peace

A house to draw together all nations

Drive out the servants and idols

Earnestly pray God in a truthful Jihad for liberty

God deserves more to be prayed than an idol

And a foe transgressing your land and identity

Darkness prevailed, perversion overwhelmed the earth

Crimes of the Red Indian annihilator will not leave a breath

Don't give him repose. His yellow idols throw to hell

Clean the earth from doubt and paganism

Spread by the aggressor

A religion blind, a new fascism

The essence of disbelief is to enslave man

While Arabs said "Man is free

Nothing to change his destiny

Nothing to debase his degree"


Ahmad, I am proud to have a similar name

Proud also to belong by my line to your house

But my true pride is to belong to you by love

To follow your high morals and doctrines

Disbelief tears family relations

Abou Lahab's belonging is void of value and worth

It is a shadow, without foundations

Never will my hands be stretched

To foes of sinful greed

How can I by my name and line hide

The crimes and perversions of nations' destroyer

Mohammad is always alive in the hearts of men

By his great virtues and generosity

The good is he, he is praised for ever

Praise will not increase his worth

Only emphasizes the love of those aware,

Their loyalty was  great as was his courage

In an epoch of total confusion

Alone he struggled facing the world

Having a perfect consciousness

Of what perplexing questions he would confront



Ahmed Afif Al-Bizri

27 11   1987

Translated by Yusra Khaled Al-Ayoubi