General Afif Al Bizri Photo Gallery



Gen. Al Bizri granting medals to Syrian army officers, short time before the unification between Syria and Egypt


With the Syrian Defense Minister and later Prim Minister Mr Khaled Al Azem

With the Syrian Chairman of Parliament  from Al Ba'ath party Mr Akram Al Horani

At Damascus Airport receiving king Saud of Saudi Arabia, with the Syrian President Mr Shukri Al Quatli

With the Indian Military Attaché   attending an evening at the Embassy
With king Saud's sons

At the Presidential Palace

At a  military show with Col. Amin Al Nufouri

Col. Amin Al Nufouri Oration

The military court of Col. Adnan Al Malki assassins, to the left Col. Amin Al Nufouri

The military court of Col. Adnan Al Malki assassins
Col. Adnan Al Malki Funeral

With the Syrian President Mr Shukri Al Quatli on a visit to the Syrian troops on the Syrian- Israeli front

Syrian delegation for unification with Egypt on the 13th of January 1958 few days before its declaration

Gen. Bizri with Egyptian president Mr. Jamal Abdul Nasser 

Right to Mr. Abdel Nasser is the Egyptian army Gen. Abdul Hakeem A'mer. In the back raw, the third from the left Col. Ameen Al Hafez who later became Syrian army general and Syrian President after Al Ba'ath Party coup d'etat in 1963

On the fiftieth anniversary of the unification between Syria and Egypt, here is the story as told by General Afif Al Bizri

The United Arab Republic

Manuscript about UAR by Gen. Al-Bizri

Interview to Al Manaber magazine, Beirut, 1989

Interview Malik Mufti, Damascus, 1991

The story of the unification


Syrian Delegate (Top photo)

Top row from left to right :

Husain Hedeh, Mustafa Hamdoon, Bashir Sadeq, and Jado Ozeldin

Middle row from left to right:

Muhammad Nisr, Yasin Farjani, Amin Al-Hafez, Tu'ameh Al-Awadallah and Muhammad Al-Sofi

First row from left to right:

Abdul Ghani Qannout, Ahmad Hunaidi, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Akram Dairi, Noorallah Al-haj Ibrahim and Afif Al-Bizri