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Human Societies System



The international conditions and its historic background

Chapter One



The Capitalist Phase in its final stages

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They key features of Slavery

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Human Societies System


Translated by Yusra Al Ayoubi

This study is an attempt to survey some verities which we think are fundamental in understanding the direction of human history, the deviation of which resulted in this savage regression in human progress and the collapse of a camp which included thousands millions of human beings by those who have interest in that change.  We also discerned well, when we carried out such a task that what concerns the people directly or indirectly will not be fixed on the tableau of evidence unless it is fixed on the tableau of sheer facts, we perceived the difficulty we were to meet, the friends we were to anger unwill­ingly, who for a long time had struggled and sacrificed for progress, for removing the wrongs done to man, nevertheless fell in the illusions of semi-verities and ended to what they ended to.

We, in this study, deal with sub­jects we sufficiently portrayed a quarter of a century ago in essays published in the Lebanese paper “Ila Al Amam” that angered those friends.  We said then, since those days of the late sixties, that what this world is passing through is a period of transition from capitalism to socialism and not, as they thought, is a period of socialism which is impossible to enter while capitalism is prosperous and in some ways transcending.  It is because any human period is a period of societies system and not the period of one or several societies limited in numbers; and because, any human accomplishment on the way of progress, is like all other accomplishments which ripened the tran­sition period, need to be more ripened for evolution to the future period which belongs neither to the east nor to the west.  This means that the camp which was established then was in fact the forerunner of the societies system marching towards its socialist period and not the camp that had finished the construction of socialism.  It was this part of this human system which revolted against capitalism and thereby performed its historic duty without inferring that progress to the higher period had stopped, or history was en­chained.

Let us give in what follows a description of our study that indi­cates its most important points.

1.         Human Societies System and its Phases

We mean by that “the society of human societies” which we outlined by saying that man had spent indefinite long time to ascend into a period of social life in the beginning of the societies system which was emerging, taking a shape, developing and interact­ing. Until now this system passed through the following stages: The primitive communism period, the period of slavery, the Islamic stage or the period of commodities done by free labour, the capitalist period and the transition period into socialism which was outlined by illusioned Progressists as Socialism.  We also said that the human system emerged from its first seeds, the primitive community to slavery having its forms in every region coming into contact with another, unseparated by geographical obstacles difficult to surpass by man’s means in those periods: such as oceans, high mountains and vast deserts, as a result of the evolution of man’s means of production and the development of his societies’ relations.  Three fundamental human societies’ systems had been established in the slavery system before they were united in the Islamic period.  In this study we have given attention to the Middle East societies system in which emerged the Arabic nation, the essen­tial subject of our study, which was frequently written about by those who have ambitious interests so as to conceal all evidences.

2.         The Nation

We said in this study that the nations are the result of social processes made up along the whole history. They do not belong to one period or another of the human system’s periods but they are formed as members in the evolution of this system, each one having its role in its intrinsic na­ture developing into ‘maturity during history.  In this study, also, we reject the “racists’ opinions” who subdivide mankind to a constant set of physical traits, and we believe that the evolution of man ascends by the varieties of its tributaries which build him up and not by his primitive savageness in its rude origin and characteristics.  We concluded in this study that the emer­gence and maturation of a nation is a matter of historic operation which has two phases: for at the same time that it forms its evolution process as an established entity having its distinguished identity, it forms the role it carries out in the construction of the human societies system.  There we dis­cern the great importance of the role attributed, the nations’ function (all societies in general), in establishing the human system, which is equal to its existence.  When imperialism and all forms of slavery paralyze this mentioned role or even abolish it, they paralyze or kill at the same time the society which lives by this role.

3.         The Arab Nation

The region where lived the original races of the Arabic nations were: Egypt, the Arabic Peninsula, Mesopotamia and Syria, or in summary, they were the Nile valley and the Fertile Crescent. These regions were, from ancient times, the stage of inter immigrations of peoples living and operating there. This clearly means that these indigenous inhabitants formed by one historic process the primitive communism in the realm of men­tioned region, then distributed, interacted and intermixed several times during the stages of the primitive communism period.  At the end a distin­guished tributary of the Arabic nation’s tributaries came into existence in every region.  The interaction among these originals did not stop; that every group developed in a way which drew it from the others, but continued and strengthened by the development of means of transport.  Interactions, then, further spread to other regions, where more tributaries to the Arab nation be­come apparent in middle and north Africa since the early stages of the slavery period, since the pharaohs of Egypt went abroad to search for gold and other wealth in Sudan for example, or the Phoenicians established their cities on the northern shores of Africa.

4.         The Land of Milk and Honey

The Fertile Crescent and the Nile valley in the Arab native land govern two famous world routes: The Spice Road going to the Indian Ocean across Arabic seas or by land caravans across the Fertile Crescent valley, and the Silk Road going by land to China. Therefore, the premier Arab tributaries, because of their important status of its home lands had the role of the world mediator between the known East of that time and the West.  The wealth passed through these lands and flowed that they became famous by the name: “the Land of Milk and Honey”; today it is the land of energy which moves production and impels world transportation, the result of which it be­came the subject of ambition and avarice throughout all the ages of history till now.

This status of the premier tributaries of our Arab nation per­mitted them to surpass others in establishing their famous human civilizations, where at the same time imposed on our ordinary man the heavy responsibility to face and struggle against the ambition of both natives and foreigners to real­ize the material progress and the spiritual freedom of this man by freeing his societies from the stagnation of those ambitious pagan systems.   Great revolu­tions of Monotheism (as Judaism, Christianity and Islam) appeared pleading the cause of equality among human beings, the doctrine of which was in harmony with their role as world mediators. The historic studies, still, fixed attention on these great civilizations we constructed and esteemed our merits taking the brilliant side of these civilizations.  But though we deserve well the estimation for what our nation had done, we are neglected the spiritual side of our nation, that is its persistent “jihad” and its constant suffering to correct the human march which was frequently turned aside and maimed by am­bitious idolaters, by aggression, enslavement and paganism.  The man of the primary tributaries of our Arab nation lifted high to religious sacredness Monotheism, by his respect to the right, truthful tenet which freed men from enslavement to the untruths and stagnation of pagan systems, hence from the ambition of idolaters of those ages.  We, in this study, try to throw light on this special and important side of our nation’s history, and the history of human societies system in general.

5.         Islam Home

Our nation built by its Islamic revolution against the world slavery system, “Dar al Islam” or the Islam Home, this home which unified humanity for the first time in history in one human societies system, opening the doors for great civilized ac­complishments, that are impossible to represent in one study owing to their enormousity.  Armed with the legitimacy established by the sacrifice and Jihad of man along the history to get rid of the minorities’ systems of oppression which caused much suffering to man, our nation sets off to accomplish the world con­struction process, this resulted by the long chain of Monotheist revolu­tions which had for ever the criterion: “Man’s unity and strength under the wings of eternal truth, against the disgrace of divergence under the arbitrary rule of sin imposed by the minorities of demigods”.  This legitimacy, the legitimacy of the majority of people oppressed by poverty and injuries, is wholly different of the legitimacy of “Bush” and his coordinates of monopolists whom history had exterminated their likes in the march of progress.

We, in consequence, are not proud but by what our nation had struggled to attain, that is to give back what the human society had ac­complished to the human society with all means suitable to the present civi­lization, which will be realized only by societies supporting one another, co­operating with generosity, helping to constitute a whole, within the law of equitable opportunities.  For Islam is, by definition, all monotheist revolutions; it is contrary to what pagans who monopolize tenets, whatever their religion is allege to be; together with those who monopolize the wealth of nations.  Islam commands respect for human entity, whether as an in­dividual or as a group; never to be in deficiency or want; physically or spiritually.  This will not be attained from the point view of Islam but by conditions which enable the individual to perform his role in his society, the group in their society, and the nation among other nations within the human societies system.

 General Afif Al Bizri