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Give Me Another Day


The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Once upon a time

There was a noble man

Who went to Sudan

Where he married a woman

Called Mourjan

She was the daughter

Of a sheikh

The ruler of Sudan

When he was ordered

By the Sultan

To return to Lebanon

He took with him his daughter

To live with his family and mother

The girl grew to be a lovely woman

Her gait was wonderful

As a gazelle she strayed

Her laugh was music

To show her teeth as diamond

When she was naked in the Turkish bath

All women wished to have her perfect body

But no mother wanted her to be

Her daughter in law

How foolish are mothers

Not to see the hidden beauty

Under the shadow which inflames Man

But she was veiled from the sight of any man

How many times she was followed

By young men who praised her

By sweet parols that shine

Once a poet with his friends

Followed her in many twisted roads

To know her identity

When she took off her glove

To open the door, he was astonished

To see a black hand!

“If we knew you were black,

Said one of his friends,

We did not bother to follow you striding,

On many roads!”      

She lifted her veil

The poet was thunder struck

By the fever of love from the first sight

Her face haunted him day and night

In his poems she was the black moon!

His fever never calmed soon

But when married the black moon!

He lived with her in great happiness

Pleased his fleshly and ethereal desires!       

Gratified in her beauties, her warm heart and caresses

A free mind, a golden heart, a fervent love

A rock of all affections and love

She begot him seven sons

Who surpassed their parents

In intelligence, beauty and fervent hearts

One became journalist

Another a doctor

One a famous poet, criticizing the Sultan

Another an assistant to the Sultan

One a liberator

Another was killed in the prison of the Sultan

The seventh ascended

To the throne of the Sultan

In his time the moon brightly shone!

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