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Give Me Another Day


The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


The copper idol from its belly

The flames flare

On its arms roasted

Children of all ages doomed to the devilish snare

Victims of resentment touched by frenzy

Never desist, fathomless, crazy, angry..

As if the earth never hug the bones

Of our ancestors together

As if we had no kinships,

No book, no minarets..

People forgot their present woes:

The slavery of money, race, sex and foreigners..

They have awakened from eternal sleep

Their ancient woes

Entombed of religious nature..

As if we were never one nation,

Never revived by a chain of missions

Or had power by our righteousness..

Why do you insist beloved husband

Why do you entice me once, convince me next 

To fill your home with children

To be led by a despot to death-land?

I' m a woman, I don' t like

Death ' market to have a boom

Or death ' merchants to have their loom

To sell their stock of aircrafts,

Minesweepers, rockets, cruisers and bombs..

I want children to be rocked in my arms

For life, for love, for justice, freedom

While the Arabic blood is shed

The Persian blood is shed,

The blood conquered brethren is shed

In the most crazy and ignoble wars..

I wish I knew why do we bleed,

Why the wound opened is still bleeding.

One million lives was spilt

A human river dried..

Who ignited such a war,

A foolish greedy Sheikh who sold

The Tomb big and small by some gold

And twenty cars as if they were wood?

Or was it the fingers of Satan,

Setting fire in our East to plunder,

Planting mines for us to surrender,

That in pirates' ships go our treasures

To be handed down to aggressors?

Revolution of Iran which gladdened the heart!

The spirit of Asad Al Din in it evoked

Musaddak led the road

To arouse in millions their dignity

God forbid your way to loose,

After agony to find your muse

In the role of Zahidi

And a Shah to return to throne

In a mask of some Mahdi

Why should I bring forth children

To be shed in vain,

To braid from their plaits

A wreath of shame

In these shameless wars?

I don't want to offer sacrifices

To a colossal Moloch,

To copper idols flaring flames..

Enough for me a lonely child

Protected by his loneliness

To satisfy in me the need of immortality,

To walk with him through ruins and holes

On a narrow dangerous road to liberty..

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