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Nostalgic Poems

Give Me Another Day


The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Heroes were chosen, the field

The midnight hour and the virgin stroke

Flags were dyed

On the thrones chosroes climbed..

Treason was accomplished:

The identity of a nation melted

As a snow puppet in the lap of flame

Heroes hurried to Delphi to be inspired

Competitors were filled with envy and hatred

Waiting for the great reward:

The thief, the murderer, the hypocrite,

The licentious, the bribed,

 Impostors, swindlers and smugglers

At the gate stood quarrelling..

for the prophetess of Delphi had

Predicted of their glory

Promised them tabooed pleasures..

Suffocated with their grandeur,

They were waiting the night

To gratify their licentious desires

But she was not to give up her secrets

Or explain to lovers her intentions

Or to permit little chosroes

To desecrate her walls

She animated them with her silky eyes

Fixed the cords of their hearts

To her playful will

They go on never to desist

In underground caverns

Even when the teeth of rocks

Open in their bodies wounds

And the thorny tongues of decay

Lick the blood they drain

Their longing is still in strain

To the woman of their ruin

Adulterers who crave for sin,

For vague ecstasy, a bottle of gin

For dreams of wealth, of glory, but a great din

Made them conscious of their failure..

They grumbled, cried in anger

When they were sure

That from Delphi they would never gain

What they hoped for in vain

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