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The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!

The Spirit of the Age

He who is ripe for great love said:

The world is one, governed by one phase,

Where a nation prospers another fades..


The sun of the east is married off

To the sea of the west

She gave him much of her flame..

He gave her of his humidity.

The time is partly this, partly that..


Don, t aim your nuclear arrows,

You dragon of the sea,

At the disk of the sun

She' s only a harbinger bearing

In its bosom the coming noon..


The fortune-teller of the ancient time

Prophesied that every newborn

Would kill its father and mother

Its mother through labour pains,

Its father through battle fens.

So why do you precipitate

Your inevitable doom?


The world is one governed by one sea:

Don' t put poison in your neighbours' stream..

Streams evaporate to fall

Poisoned rain on your fields,

Then pour in the universal sea..


The world is one governed by one law:

Don' t cut the hand of a little thief 

Who stole when your hand had so long pointed paw.

Remember that the one justice leaves

Most people of the world

Without upper extremities..


The age is a monster, half side a monkey

Half side developed to a man..

It is partly a monkey, partly a man.

One circulatory system, one nervous net

So disfigured its shape

A limb of a man, the other of ape..

Its posterity are oddities

Especially in the middle wound

Where it gives birth to prodigies..

Apes climb the shoulders of men to divinity..

The Man who Hides the Stamp

I love the man who hides the stamp

Of awkward pregnancy

That men would not think it

The stamp of prophecy..

But Alas! The age lost truth

And modesty:  Many a man insist

That his hunchback is a gift

Given him by Devine clemency,

A privileged chosen man..

Miracles are made by idolaters

To be themselves exalted with their idols,

Symbols of arrogance and impotence..


How many idols we have in this age,

And how little faith!

The faithful knows that the world is one,

Law of morality is one, law of God is one..

He searches for a new light

Discards the idols ' night..

Struggled Light and Darkness

For ever struggled light and darkness

At the turning of the times.

Man of the age who lacks perfectness

Is rotating in the human orbit,

Ambitious to turn what shameful, shapeless

What is ignoble in him into harmony..


How much I love you rebellious light

You ' re the spirit of the anxious age

Threatened by the star war,

Satiated with their might..


Don' t fear this cold war

Intended to draw you to despair..

It is illusion, meant to fight

Your longing spirit for change

While you are meant to soar,

You are meant for liberty, for more..


The crows sat wedding on your wounds,

Their piercing beaks deepen the wounds

Licking the liquid from your body

Draining life out your body..

Don' t fear crows rebellious light

Their angry wings shut the way

Beating the air to beat your sway..


But surely you penetrate from needles' eyes

To spread in the world your abundant light

Victory will be yours at end

Not in vain your breath you spend..


When light be the law

Tight relations be in thaw..


Don' t fear a hurrying train

Coming up to mountain top,

Its breath is exhausted

So the age has no strength nor power,

But loud its trumpet and fanfare

Carrying to nations its seven

Licentious devils, destruction desire and civilization bier.

From the windows peeped,

Starvation, aids, drug addiction,

Debts, unemployment, stagnation

Brethren wars with inflation..


They roar as wild cats do

For more prey

Thinking of eternal sway

Knowing not that fuel's over

That they went astray..


A boisterous uproar is heard

Near an abyss.

An iron reptile is crawling

Over a magnetic line

Abandoned by its most faithful screws

Coming near the slippery way..


Nature is not fond of any creature,

Results alone that matter

This perfect computer commits no error..

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