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Nostalgic Poems

Give Me Another Day


The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!

The Rape of Amytis*

Cheer up teenagers of the Pentagon

You're going to play a play

The dramatist is talented,

The stage is Babylon.


Gunfire is music

Explosions are bloodless

Bombs have no victims;

The rocks as ricochets would be thrown,

With no casualties at all.


Grenades are match balls,

Our helmets are hard,

We are not an invasion force,

We seek peace, prosperity, justice for the tower of Babylon.


Benefactors, humanitarians we are,

When our war will be won.


Our aim is to hunt Nebuchadnezzar from the thrown

In three days we'll end the job

No riotous resistance will face,

The remarkable technology of our race.


All with roses and rice,

Shall welcome our tanks.

Human shields will give us thanks.

Perhaps some terrorist will give us thump,

Perhaps some oil wells be in flame,

But no stunning blow's to stop our aim.

The Desert

The desert swallows all, white and black,

Angels and dragons,

Victims and aggressors,

Carthage and Rome.


Children of clouds are playing balls,

Of will to power, doubling its force,

Laughing in the match,

But underneath, mass destruction of civilization and wrath.


Why have you disappeared?

You, stars of the night,

The brain of heaven,

From the tower of Babylon?

Eel is angry,

His thunder quake is heard,

All over the world.


The tempest is coming,

With red wind blinding the eyes of liars.


Dreary music is heard,

From earth weeping, burying severed members

And corpses,

With revenge Muse to lead the funeral palls.


What God is conducting the souls to hell?

Is it Hermes the thief, the covetous messenger of Peace,

Avaricious to drink,

The whole oil of Babylon?

The idol was toppled,

Nebuchadnezzar won

His life with shame,

Or died with despair,

From history he was gone.


Amytis was raped and severed

Three pieces in Babylon.

Faiths that Haunted Humanity

Faiths that haunted humanity

Entered the stage all at war

Their normal receptacles are void of truth

No sense of humility or mercy they contained

Piety became hypocrisy

The will to power reigned.


Morality is meaningless

When machinery have loud voice,

When heaven is mute, the moon looses its course.


Prophets are funny or mad,

Their glory's gone, their hearts are sad.


Ambitious minds crave for progress,

But no one finance the process

When chaos overwhelm,

With idols collusive in the plan,

No one from chaos is immune.

He who pays can ask the tune.

The Marvelous War

You're not a nation of Lilliputians,

Nor your defender is Gulliver.


Unite for freedom, or otherwise,

You'll pay, forever pay,

You'll suffer, forever suffer.

Your despot is not a prophet.

The rule of wisdom will never set.

The dragon's eyes glitter with greed,

He'll leave no milk for your children to feed.


Hundred trillion the cost of the war,

Fifty trillion the interest and debts of the banks,

Twenty trillions for allies,

Fifteen to pay defenders of Peace,

Ten trillion reconstruction,

Seven trillion to compensate looting,

Five the new agents of the regime,

One trillion foodstuff for oil'

Hundred years to keep all safe and permanent,

With no risk but one hundred victims.


What a marvelous war!

Ashur Hannibal was more sincere:

"The war I wage is for silver and gold.

Be ferocious my men and bold.

Burn everything, kill every one.


Don't leave a breath under the sun."

The leaders of the Pentagon say:

The war we wage is just a trick

Where the wealth of Babylon we alone pick.

Ulysses was victorious,

The horse of Troy was a trap,

The heroic nation toppled

As the idol, trailed along on the streets

                    Of Babylonů.

The Game is Won

What cares the master of Pentagon?

His game is won.

The will of power might smile

At the collapse of Babylon

When tolerance has gone

When fathers parted from their kids

When kids under their roofs were crushed down.


Self- seekers might dance

That providence has flung.

Nebuchadnezzar from the thrown.

The worldly men set their hearts

On hopes to turn ashes.

The flower died that once had blown.


Palaces, monuments crumbled to dust, oil was mastered

Nothing remained for them to own,

Neither the fame of their country

Seven thousand years ago,

Nor the fame of their country

One thousand five hundred years ago.


The clouds weep with sobs

Fit to move Saladin from his grave

Like a thunder clap, to conclude the war

That haunts sad brains

Which brood in vain

On a new despotism.

The arbiter of vast designs

Invading all with slavery and fascism.


The brave music of a distant drum

Blows into the world "to be in one"

In their contest against evil under the sun.

One Law for All

The loud pretensions daily heard

To settle order guaranteed

Whereby parties mutually agreed

Will never match an usurping hand

Our strivings for a long Peace

The most capable and far of sight

Should frame it with their might

That Law should reign, that Wars should cease

When armaments of mass destruction

Lead the secret swellings of confusion

Where can fair Liberty stand?

Condemned by Terrorism

Now worshiped, now accursed

By diverse states with Ambition,

Salvation is possible when one law for all

Prevent man from deviation,

To weave the Garlands of new world,

With music loud, of co-operation sound,

Life is futile with victorious aims

Heavens are jubile when man raise

His sight to harmony, his music to praise.

Why man was driven from Paradise,

But for his satanic ambition?

His will to power was like fire

Nothing flourished in his rule but despair.

His vigor took him far away, vainglory

To err blameless, to go astray.

Let Eve take the lead

With vigilance to what Nature needs

That might return Adam to Paradise

Where love alone reigns not greed.

*Amytis: Nebuchadnezzar's queen in whose honour the historical king built the "Hanging Gardens" at Babylon; one of the old world seven wonders.

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