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Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


How daring are the soothsayers

How shameless is their hypocrisy

How false are their claims!

They still pull out a victim's entrails

To predict future from its shape

They still observe the motion of the birds

The course of the stars, the lines of the palm

The cast of seashells to interpret events

They say our prediction is the truth

Who will live an everlasting life to know the truth?

I' m a believer, I believe in man

For his happiness were made

All religions, all laws..

I have a dream, which is not beyond

My age or beyond the world

A dream to see all nations

Be acquainted in mutual favour

To mature, to integrate, to cooperate..

I' m ambitious for change

Before man is destroyed by rage

I saw men who assume

To inherit the good and evil of the past

They observe all rituals, but Alas!

Their invincibility

Beyond pirates forts

They fight corruption by making

Usury a universal law..

I saw men who assume piety

Who cut the hand of a hungry thief

Not finding a judge to ask them

Why did they steal the earth 's wealth

For their own while it is for community

I saw men who know

All the secrets of brothels

Whose Harem is full

Of women, legal and concubines

Who would not abstain to stone

The other sex for real love..

I' m also tired of men

Who assume modernity

Who want to break all tablets of old

To swim in licentious whims

To return to barbarian chaos and filth..

All these men have distorted balances

Instead of facts, they consult soothsayers

Not knowing what Satan has

Put of traps inside their prayers

Or through their aimlessness..

I found that soothsayers have

Eyes made of laser in front and behind

They see events far million of years

But blind to see what is nearer to them than their arteries

They cross-examine rocks and decayed bones

They hang a fragment as a charm of power..

They soar through the invisible to foresee,

Sharpen their paws when a new life appears

Even if you help them touch the facts

They reject what natural eyes see

They refuse to admit that modern man is still in slavery

That he is threatened by nuclear transcontinental artillery..

They have no answers to you these soothsayers

They learnt to soothe the pains of man not to deliver..

They bless the hell of man by tongues so slippery..

Don't have confidence in those who want

You as creatures of illusion

Who frustrate your will of change,

Who make your efforts of no advantage..

They are only creaking bones,

Disunited limbs, dull rituals..

No muscles to cover, no blood to nurture,

No spirit to lead the future..

How unhappy are their disciples!

They dig for them deep graves in their march for power

They forsake them in disaster,

Disappoint them, fill them with fear

When naked they are without masks

Flaring flames for new justice is their task..

They hate the paradise of the earth,

These soothsayers inherited without pain,

Not anxious to see lands, rivers,

Mountains from under their feet withdrawn

They have a paradise all their own

They divorce the wife beautiful,

Faithful, fruitful, affectionate,

For a Houri ten miles size..

The bulge of her breasts two hills..

They cluster these soothsayers

Every man against another

Their faces dyed with many a colour..

I wonder how it's possible to know

A friend from a foe

When they collide,

When all of them are colour blind..

Do they distinguish one another by smell?

The dogs of riots howl in frenzy

Biting, tearing the nation's flesh

While victims in their mordacious teeth

Are reason, justice and liberty

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