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Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Take off your standard suits

Soldiers of the third world,

Your nations don' t need brutes

But a liberator ' s sword..

Tell me what aim you seek?

Your fray is a freak,

You generate, you are not weak,

Of arms you have terrific..

On them you spend your gold and silver,

But tell me who is your foe

For whom you bought the stinger?

Alas, you are the foe of your nations,

So malicious, resentful.

Detainers of their progress,

Your depravity is pitiful,

When you made yourselves more or less,

Legislators, judges and executioners

The prodigal sons of foreigners

You deviated from the road

For Jihad you need a goad,

For benefit you look abroad..

Every day you prepare a stage for fight

You obtain glory by combat,

Medals, orders of merit for roaring blast,

Mad by a strife of the past..

A liberator hates medals

His jihad is his medal,

His nearness to God gladdens his heart,

While you hang them so glad

As asses decorated in a wedding feast

When they hear the bells ' rustle..

Symbols of no victory but defeat,

Your proud arms kill no adversary,

 But a brother in oppression and slavery..

I' m disgusted with your grandeur and heroism

In the heart of Islam you made a great schism

Bereaved mothers of their beloved,

Orphaned children, poverished the land,

Violated the oaths..

As dissent as grains of sand,

You'll never liberate, you'll never unite,

But lead your nations to markets

Of slavery, to eternal debt,

Heavy even on the sperms

Still in the wombs of mothers..

How many wars you instigate

For the will of individual power!

Frontiers diminish wherever you stagger..

Earth bleeded, sapped its wealth

Streams dried underneath,

From the air crept death

As a leopard baring the teeth..

Where are you rushing

You Mongols of the age,

From Latin America

To Africa,

To the Middle East,

To all Moslem lands

To the Far East,

In the voracity of a beast?

Ruining civilizations, swallowing fertility

As locusts when they feast..

You made a miserable world

An arena for the combat of furious bulls

Unaware of those who goad,

Those who encourage, those who infuriate,

And those who prepare the poisonous blade

To stick through your unprotected ribs..

Take off your standard suits

You soldiers of the third world

Nations do not need you..

They cannot enjoy the sight of bull wrestlers

Nor slaughtered bulls

Neither can  applaud the fighters,

Be they victorious wrestlers

Or defeated slaughtered bulls..

Leave the field to liberators

Who don't enjoy fight for fight,

But fight bravely for a light..

You ' re not a safe bridge for man to cross,

But a decayed support

Set on a foaming abyss..

Within you prevails Bocassa,

In ferocity and madness..

Scared by the roaring of children,

He sent them soaring to heaven

To decorate with their bloody ribbons his hat,

Glad to be the scarecrow

Of their winged souls whimpering in awe..

To whom did you sell your arms?

You trained them so hard every day

To imprison in muscles your reason

To crucify a new Spartacus in May?

If you failed to be liberators

Be at least a class of workers

Turn your daggers into spades..

The breasts of earth had dried to feed

Your licentious desires without end..

Your gallant craft, strangest of all,

Appointed you to protect the Wall,

But you gave up the church and the mosque..

Swam of butchery of the folk

To make the foe smile and mock..

What is the use of muscles without courage,

What's the use of courage without faith?

I heard the revolution of the cells

Taking off the yoke of the body

I want a circulation of my own,

A reproduction system of my own..

They generated to degenerate,

Become tumours, which killed

The body and died with it..

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