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Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


When I soared in future I could feel

Things which I wanted to conceal..

For silence confided to me a great deal

Of contradictions of life,

Which lovers of life could never seal.

I found despots to justice might appeal

While those who are rich in virtue

With Satan sometimes make a deal.

I found men of violence who are apt

To mercy, while the merciful act

Ferociously, blindly in fact..

I found inheritors of revolutions make a contract

With aggressors to stop progress at the start

Who check liberators with all means

Who covers themselves with shells so smart

While vagabonds butterflies rush to the spring of light

I found in general welfarers latent evil

In evil doers latent common weal

The one shrinks and looses the zeal,

When difficulties appear he will kneel

For fear his good fortune will turn off the running wheel

The other enticed by the new light

Might take off his shame and fight

Might curb his vices for some might

Give up wealth, experience to the victorious side

That he might pick the best fruit as his right..

Inheritors of truth may loose the spell

To follow change they cannot tell

In staggering steps, their oppression to fell

The more good they have, the least they rebel.

While vagabonds have nothing to loose:

They are not chained to Good or Taboos,

They pass the barrier of time, not stopping to muse..

To catch power, their will to fuse,

They choose their law before any could choose..

One is glad to see tired despots distribute

The heavy load of their power absolute,

And lay off their violent hand and brute,

And give tongues to people mute,

That they may sing and play their flute..

I crave to see powerful states

Abstain to meddle in nations' fates,

To oppress them by wars and debts

Made by their usury and thefts,

A nation starves when another satiates..

I also fear vagabonds in power,

Their craving to rule is like a fever.

They jumped from a sub-condition to a super,

Filled with hatred is their humour,

To justice they remained in stupor..

In grief I stood to meditate

Inheritors of truth from ancient date

Bleeding, defeated, isolate..

Why should the good men be stagnate

When a new justice open the gate

For them to unite and cooperate?

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