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Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


When Nebuchad Nezzar lifted the standard of Jihad,

Two hundred millions cheered up.

The stone kids cheered up.

Hope filled the breasts

That Jerusalem will be once more Arabian.

All had forgotten the past of Nebuchad Nezzar,

All had forgiven Nebuchad Nezzar..

The more cynical doubtfuly asked:

Has Babylon once more became minaret

To glorify the One God?

Or is it perhaps a satanic conspiracy

To draw Nebuchad Nezzar to hell?

But in the tower of Babylon,

People were speaking different languages,

Praying for different gods.

The time was not ripe for such a great claim..

Those who nourished hopes of freedom

Were crushed to their innermost hearts.

The devil had everywhere in the world

Long paws, weaknesses to play with,

Marionettes who wear togas of truth

To conceal their disgusting falsehood..

Why why Nebuchad Nezzar you divorced

Amytis to whose honour you had built

The "hanging gardens" at Babylon?

Never in my life I nourished hatred,

As when the satanic will

Drove the armies of thirty satellites

To crush Babylon..

One hundred years ago

The grandfathers of Bush

Had finished the last Indian nations

Thirty millions or more

For the sake of yellow gold..

In the Middle East

States were torn, minarets of civilizations ruined

Eyes of thousands thousand youth extinguished

Skulls of children crushed under ruins

For the sake of black gold..

But I am not a red Indian,

Though to God we are the same..

Behind me a civilization

Of many thousand years..

The soul of my grandfathers is awakened

A giant human soul.

What is the will of God but the will

Of nations determined to be free?

A proud man of your race once said,

Full of vanity without remorse:

What could the Indians do

To civilization and history

Men on horses, tribes against tribes

In internal eternal wars?

How could the civilization of television,

Cinema, aeroplanes, rockets, spaceships be built

But on millions of Indian corpses?

I am not a Red Indian

From my land history began

Taught humanity the abecedaries

The cipher and One God

I hated even technology

In the hands of world Mafia,

Televisions to glorify despots,

Aeroplanes carrying bombs

To destroy buildings, hospitals, factories, schools,

Children and women in their hiding places..

Aeroplanes and bombs bought

By the wealth of my nation

To ruin my native land..

Sat by a round table,

With heaps of flowers and smiles

Bedwins, brokers, to lust and corruption slaves,

Writing with great content

Treaties of Pax Americana

Treaties of a slavery new:

"The black gold is in your country,

But the black gold is not yours..

What could the Arab nations do

To civilization and history,

Men on camels, tribes against tribes

Sects against sects

In internal eternal wars?"

Bedwins, blind with ignorance and egoism,

Bedwins who polluted our sacred land,

By parasites of decayed cruel civilization,

By ugly creatures, monsters without souls..

Do you think your stained faces are nobler

Than the painted faces of Indians?

To the world Mafia you are good

Only when you are dead men,

To the world Mafia you are good

When your black gold travels

Freely to swell their wells,

To the world Mafia you are good

When your hands without pity tear your brethren

To the world Mafia you are good,

When you have hundreds of idols

To whom you kneel and pray,

To the world Mafia you are good

Depraved of honour, conscience and truth..

Aloof I sat, heartbroken I wept

Surrounded by those who ignored my right to live..

"Babylon is burning" they cheered up,

"Like a Christmas tree from high is seen,

Sparkling with thousands stars"..

As if swimming in a whirlpool

I felt dizzy, downtrodden and lost.

The world is punishing Babylon

For Nebuchad Nezzar 's pride..

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