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Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Men of truth, lovers of life

Are bewildered who you are,

What colour is your skin tarnished so far..

You call yourselves inheritors of justice

Men of integrity, masters of struggle

The hope of future,

While great dreams in cold blood you stifle!

The men of truth will never see

In your versatile whims a real disciple,

But men who preferred to play with the devil.

A marvellous will had made your noble lineage.

Your merit was a great moral courage

But alas, you turned all into a chance savage

With gamblers who have all the advantage,

Cheating you with false cards and trick track

To your reputation doing a great damage..

You interpret blind events

 As if drawn according to an eternal law 

Diagnose deadly illnesses as foetus in a condition raw.

You don't distinguish a friend from a foe

As a devil silent you look at your nation' s awe

Covering murderers, traitors whom you know..

I wonder if you are the harbingers of a real dawn

Or warners of a world to be overthrown

If the oppressed from the oppressors wanted their own.

Death is to yield, chaos is to fawn

Peace is not built on unjust stone..

You have lifted a boastful banner

Everywhere your signboards on abundance utter

While people in queues wait from winter to summer

On the brink of starvation most of them suffer.

Full of money their pockets are, but can' t offer

A dress, a hut, or a bride's coffer..

You have put the sword in the place of dew,

Dew in the place of the sword.

Victims of kins in horde 

Are entombed in graves without board..

Foes rejoiced to ruin your accord,

Arms for defence you cannot afford 

Arms for suicide you always can afford..

You men from the extreme right to the extreme left

You men from many religions, many a schism,

You follow a demon' s rhythm

No one of you has any charism,

But to serve its aim, its scheme

It deepens the wound between Sunna and Shiism

Makes a party one hundred schism

You rushed rashly into your dirtiest war 

You waded in mud.. Blood you wanted more.

Battles of the oppressed in this age 

Is to benefit the oppressor

Done by their own money, their store,

The blood of their sons to enrich the aggressor..

I wander in this world where do you stand!

You crawl as toads while others run

As rabbits touched by a wand

But in this strange race you exchange the intention

The toad sleeps, the rabbit runs into perfection

When you are needed, you keep in inaction

Where you' re not needed you rush into faction

Your movements have no free option..

I fear after so long a stupor

To wake on hearing the turmoil

Of savage will that tears

Your banners, or what is worse

To trample the owners of truth out of fear

For they are witnesses on crimes you secretly steer

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