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The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

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The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


The sand is sweating

Oil and flame,

A land of treasures

A land of fame

Besieged by invaders.

The Queen of Caravans said of old:

"I' m the protector of the sacred road..

On it I carry silk, perfume and gold:

The road of Hiram, Solomon, Balkis(1)

In my powerful hands I grasp

The key of the world

Made from the ancient times of Hasis(2)

My archers are a miracle

My lancers are a storm

Why should Rome have the benefit all

My country enslaved, my wealth stole

You brave men, who will go my way?

My way is thorny, at the end the sway

A paradise awaits you not far away

Freedom, unity, prosperity and might

Follow me men to the fight

We are liberators, we have the right"

But alas!

The sand poured oil and flame

The resistance mighty, courage the same

While the merchants of Tadmur

Sold the walls and Tadmur' s fame

Have you not heard in the caravans

The warning song of your doom

When treason hid in coppers

Traders thought a near boom

Not seeing in camels heavy with the load

Swordsmen, lancers and archers

In a combat of despair

The guardians of Tadmur

Were taken by storm

The forts, the walls, the palaces, the royal vault

Would never have destroyed

The desert defeated, the pride gone

If not were in Tadmur men

Over Tadmur, wretched moral cowards

Who disgusted to eat dates,

Or to have some patience

Let the walls of Tadmur down

Pride lost where trade won

A great dream was stung

By the daggers of stupidity

To end in a hell of servility

Trade, how dear was the cost

Where life and freedom lost the most.

(1) According to a study by Afif Al-Bizri published in the Kuayti Al Watan 1986

(2) According to Ras Shamra tablets that Hasis was the god who first stroke iron

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