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Give Me Another Day


The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Advanced means need morality,

Not immorality.

Translucent paradise will be built on earth then,

Not as a phantom in the skies.

Advanced means need co-operation,

A ring of men working together,

can be better than a man alone.

The golden fingers of Hong Kong labourers

Co-operating with those in Japan,

In America, Germany, England,

Create televisions which enter all houses in the globe,

to entertain, to educate, to liberate.

To love, to unite, to feel that human beings,

Are the most sacred in the World.

Advanced morality respects all civilizations.

The great minds of those who shared in the Past,

In the progress of humanity

Those who taught the abecedaries,

Those who taught the zero,

Those who crossed the belligerent seas,

Those who took primal wings in the sky,

As well as those who ascended to the moon.


Multinational co-operation might be

The way to lucent dreams, otherwise

Horrid fears, drudgery, annihilation,

Confront Man and Civilization.

A dirge is heard from the azure-blue sky:

Awake Man, don't go astray.


Virtues of advanced means

Are not the virtues 0f undeveloped means?

Small villages love to remain in their snail shells,

Working with ploughs, axes and spades,

While the mowing machines, harvesters, threshers,

Gather the fruits on miles together.




Faces of ideals, friendship,

Are dearer to me,

Than the faces of kinship,

Or those of patchy ideals.


When I retrospect,

The phases of the moon,

When judges and criminals are transposed,

When schemers with brazen faces rule,

Bawling on the stands,

Guiding the world,

In labyrinthine ways,

I hear the rumble of an earth quake,

a gust, a torrent of anger that never stops.

Every one will have his axe to grind

With iron face his rival to grind.


Ascenders blemish the face of the sun,

Devour the stars, the great stars of society.

Dismissed, they were, for those who are under forty.

"Turn them out, they are a bar!".

Rivalry became the superstar,

Instead of co-operation and unity.

No human brain, ripe enough to reign,

Should hinder the savage rivalry,

Of multinational robbery.


How could we benefit,

Of the experience of the past,

If we neglect,

The wisdom of Plato or Socrates,

Marx and Einstein,

Missionaries and prophets of monotheism?

A ravening hawk entered the stage,

Its ferocious wings clipped co-operation with a clipper.

Individuals caroused in sin, others suffered,

to gain the ball of gold from its beak.

till they troubled the upright way of the stars.

Turning and turning in the whirlwind,

Without love, without pity, without aim.

Remote from heaven they prayed,

To one God, the god of the golden ball.


Unemployment, mass hunger, monopoly,

Slavery, Daltonism reigned.

Great Nations grovelled before an illusive star, the star of prosperity.

Some charlatans plucked the fruits of the whole society.


How might globalization be fulfilled with colonization,

With cold wars, with internal wars,

With secret agencies that flourish,

On the destruction of another civilization,

With advanced military that tyrannize,

That threatens man with nuclear weapons,

Star wars and annihilation?


Globalization without new justice, new morality,

Is a palisade to a new slavery and pacification?

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