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The Black Moon

The happiness of Woman

The Martyr

The Map of the Upright Way

The Rape of Amytis

The Anger of the Rock

The Coming Time

The Liberator

The Merchants of Tadmur

The Flags of Pirates

The Silent Devil

The Heavy Inheritance

The Copper Idol

Piece After Piece

The Snow Puppet

The Soothsayers

The Spirit of the Age

Soldiers and Liberators

Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


Slaves of pirates, you call your license liberty,

Chivalry the murder of kins,

Plunder and bribes war booty.

You sold lands, rivers, mountains.

Planted the womb of earth unknown graves,

Of blood profession making your wealth..

Death has constructed a statue of vainglory,

Inherited ruins, corpses and maimed..

Its voice was the louder:

I' m stability, unity and safety.

I'm the patron of a ship

Led by pirates mighty

Their flags in the gulf have the superiority..

Who said nations' causes are withered leaves

And branches sapped and dried

The will of nations is the will of God..

Seasons lay bare, others freeze

Surely they bloom, then warm the breeze

To ripen nations to their noon..

Pirates may prevail

Their hands collide in a knot

To strangle nations at the spot,

But whirlpools rotate

And in every rotation

Disasters open a gate

To swallow oppressors of the date

Irangate is not Watergate

Piles of tapes to desecrate

The innermost secrets of the heart

Irangate means a pirate state

In a state that assumes liberty

No place for a Democrat

Or a Republican identity

Pirates' bureaucracy

Leading the world by murder

Economy by plunder..

The summary of aggression

Extended so long on many a nation

The ghosts of the Caponis are resurrected

The lads of Powry, Luciano and Castello

Political immoral cowards

Dead conscience, fingers on the trigger

Roam in the streets of the world

To lead corruption, bitter wars..

Who said let the Mafia rule

Markets prosper, peace reins

Forever stability remains!

Let not the beautiful eyes of Nancy weep

Over a generation of marijuana addicts

Didn't she know who closed the eyes tight

On transcontinental smugglers?

who defended in the white House

All sorts of murderers?

The spirit of Lincoln is sad, angry in the tomb

Craving to liberate a nation

From itself which caused much evil

Turning to be for many a nation

A nightmare of an ugly devil..

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