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Why Nebuchad Nezzar!


They said the Rock is hanging

Between the earth and sky.

Full of curiosity I wanted to see

The miracle of ancient times.

I was but a child

Of ten years old

When I entered the Mosque for the first time,

But my hope soon vanished when I saw

A building with a dome,

With nothing to inflame imagination.

But when I was ripe enough to know

Symbols behind the miraculous,

I found the Rock hanging

Between the earth and sky

To express the ambition of man,

His eternal lust for freedom and  peace

When I saw for the first time

Jews wailing by their sacred wall,

Folding papers on which wrote their vocations,

I laughed heartily with the kids around me.

How much the scene seemed ridiculous to me!

I sympathized the historic nation

Who suffered too much.

In my innocent heart I said

Let us live together,

In suffering they are our brothers

But the ambition of the Wailing Wall was great

The vocations inserted will not satiate

But to drive out my people rooted in the land

To ruin the Rock, building and dome

The craving of man for eternal home

Of peace, justice and freedom

The ambitious people wanted a state

All for their own discarding the fate

Of those who were for ever there

Deeper their roots, older the bones

Of their ancestors peacefully buried

Armed with aggressors' paws

You transgressed all natural laws

But if that be all, you'll never be given the right

To impose that on the people by fight

It gives you no other title than what force

Gives the stronger over the weaker within a  course

of  time

Emerged as a nation from slavery

Your freedom was so dear to Thee

Having a  mission, a sacred mission

For such an aim you were chosen

But now nothing you have but ambition

Foreign invaders with malignant plans

To encroach upon others' wealth and land

When I saw the four hundred banished

From their cozy homes forced out

Lonely, hungry, left to the cruel nature

Freezing in the snow

A very known face to me

Glittered under the camera flash

Sad, hopeless, carrying the  heavy  sorrow

Of a bleeding  heart

For a son in his eighteens

By usurpers fell near the Rock

I cried in despair

Wah Saladdin!

Didn't you shudder

To see such injustice done?

Didn't your bones crack

Longing for resurrection

To stand up once again in pride

Full-fleshed, pious, angry, brave

Determined to liberate

The land from Satans of the time?

The Rock is angry Saladdin

The light extinguished, truth expelled

God is driven out of the Rock.

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