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Poems for Arab Spring

By Yusra Al-Ayoubi

Last update July 2013



How can I immigrate to leave the essence of aromas?

To the audacious deviated ones?

How can they recompense my fervent woe,

If life drudged me my holy due?

Shall I immigrate, a stranger, unwanted

No one to shield me in my peril

No one to feel my desperate grief which never was shown

Oh sorrow, o torment of love to see

My beloved homeland with garlands of peace to crown

To leave my cosy home in distress

Nothing assuage my sorrow, but to find a tomb in my home!



My loneliness paralyzes my mind

My beloved, I implore you not to forget

Memories of love, so sweet and fair

I keep fervent, I call you in my sleepless nights

I can't live without your tender care

My life is barren, without taste

My life is bare

My heart will burst

Of longing snare,

Of fear,

You may not miss me there

The Jasmine and rose buds in my warm heart

Present to you, my beloved, their fragrance rare

I feel I die of longing to live with you there


Yusra Alayoubi

Damascus, Tuesday, 21 May, 2013

The Promised Land


At dawn in sight

Heralds of the Promised Land

The land of our dreams

The ultimate of our Path of Passion


We put down our cross

Our chains were broken

And all our roads ran to you

When we saw you on the horizon

O our Promised Land

Shone at dawn

And resurrecting our deadbeat hearts

Nicer, you were, than our vividest imagination

Wiser than our aspiration


People were walking unhurriedly and smiling

No fear, no grief, no waiting and no anticipation

In our Promised Land

No injustice, no aggression,

No malice and no revenge

Peace on earth and in the souls was peace

In our promised land


Our lives' lost dreams

Were waiting for us there

Our beloved ones who were killed

Our children who weren't given time to grow up

Stood to receive us there

In our Promised Land


We left our present

And in a moment, our future embraced our past

In our Promised Land


I thank God I'd lived

Until the day when I saw

The Promised Land


Yousra Alayoubi

Damascus, April 5, 2013


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To the City of Jasmine


Veterans of liberty

Victorious you are in unity

Burn again in courage to liberate

The blossoming soil of the City of Jasmine!


Trembling I waited in the airport, I wept

How can I leave my homeland, how I immigrate?

No thrill of joy to return, no pledge of hope

No intoxication, no ray of moon

No sweet ecstasy to seduce my heart

To return to the City of Jasmine!


Exhausted I roused myself to contemplate;

My sublime abode, the land silvered by the moon

The land of roses, and Arabic Jasmine

Under the fetters of a child with illegal crown

Playing the role of satanic game

Obedient to his greed and illusion

Renouncing love of his people for gold

Throwing a bold nation. A fortress for thousand years

 Against invaders into an abyss of Hell

Corruption reigned, horror, devastation, carnages were done

To instigate the wrath of heaven and men

Forced thousands families by shelling their homes to immigrate


How can we sing peace when our land its freedom moans?

How can we celebrate marriages without homes?

How can we feast when children of hunger and cold die?

Ah the City of Jasmine for your fate my heart bleeds

I could not outwit evil and sin

When brave hearts were cast down

Into fetters, in cold cells were thrown!

When those who bequeathed their sons martyrdom

To live in honour, liberty fall, by men intoxicated

By blood and throne!


Surely an earthquake shall flash and strike sinners

From their power and throne!

Don't be sad my soul

Sooner we drink cold and reviver water

In the City of Jasmine!


Tyrants against peace


Green eyed monsters full of venom

Gangsters for half a century in power

Liberty crushed, inflation reigned

Poverty of the masses overwhelmed

While the rulers succumbed to pleasure

Honesty crucified, morality ruined

In fences of slavery their nation pride suffered


Heart and soul dedicated to foreign power

Monstrous crimes for their benefit they offer

With fiendish tools they tortured their prisoners

To God abandoned pious prayer

To their powerless nation

Death, damnation and fear

Prison, exile, or dagger


Lost their senses to leave glorious reign

They drowned their people in sea of blood and ruin

By an arrogant system built on injustice and violation

How could they do reparation?

Or intend adjustment and reformation

When the masses in peaceful demonstration

Were treated by negation and refutation

Sinister faces held them in cells crying: “Liberation“

Echoing from cliff to cliff in indignation


You’ll never restore the faith of a nation 

Depraved of his peace, progress, liberty

Beware his wrath and anger of indignation

With melancholic songs

Wailing his martyrs in the field of liberation!

 Suffocated by vengeance desire

Got rid of all hope and fear

Cry: “Tyrants should go forever!“

Against Progress, egoistic, corruptive, sinner

Apt to deeds of arrogance and dishonour

People for decades by their rule had to suffer

Against Peace, Truth, Justice, Honour

The will of the nation should now reign

To build a prosperous new future better!


Innocent victims


Father of a victim of violence and atrocity

How can you justify your crime before Eternity?

Your atrocious deed void of piety

Virgin flower kidnapped and raped by a monster

Killed by her outrageous father for honour!

Have you no compassion to see her as mirage disappear?

No affectionate sense of her pain when she moans her woe?

No memory to forget how she grew

in your lap, how she smiled, how she laughed to you?

How she cried when hungry, how of pain she screamed to you?

How can you renounce her when she mostly needed you

to heal her wounds, to repair her confidence

in her purity, in her piety, in her innocence,

that the parched flower will survive true?

Instead you disowned her, submitted her to shame, 

to slaughter too

God will not absolve notorious crimes of vengeance

against ravished maidens instead of fiendish foe!

Gracious spirits


Gracious spirits of my homeland

Before the ecstasy of mortal death they smile

Who says Heaven is a tale of ancient,

is blind, is buffoon of wile

Their live the righteous Man, the martyrs of liberty

From the Pharaohs of the time

By the radiance of faith

Sure of victory, sure of truth to come

To repair the upright way

Nothing is eternal, dawn after darkness come

The inhibited, haunted world below

Those Satanic derisions settle

Will be ended with its covetous rule

Conscience of whole nations will stop the deviation role

The will of a nation is the will of God!

 Can I forgive?


The wounds of my country in my heart bleed

Carnage after carnage, to families lead

Pure maidens raped, children ravished

Captivated men tortured to death

Crimes outraged God by satanic deeds

East and West on their interest feed

Their frontiers have no limit for their greed

 Sectarian discrimination they seed

Robbers of nations wealth breed

Slaves to carry off their aims

With mighty powers they aid in need

To crush cities, annihilate people

Who'll never kneel to arrogance and steal

Powerless bystander, I stand to contemplate, to meet

An age of fiendish world, no conscience to lead

Invoking omnipotence will of God

To aid heroes who alone suffer

In  defence of our homelands not to pieces scatter

Into multi city states forever!

Deliverance will surely come, but through

Bleeding, great suffering or death

Perhaps through changes of faces

To captivate sterility without breath!

But falcons who can't live in captivity

Hasten the fateful hour to come

When heroes accomplish lofty enterprise of our national liberty!

To build in history a home of solidarity!

My bonds


The bonds that bind me in life

Love of Justice, conscience pure

Love of my fatherland, integrate and free

Love for humanity, crave for evolution

Compassion to oppressed in emotion

I seek enlightenment from all sacred books to find

they were revolutions to defend the oppressed

That fear fettered the oppressor 

From his will of power

No Man should be enslaved by another Man

All Monotheist Religions are the same

Following the morality of the Ten Tablets

To adore and pray for one God, the God of 

Compassion, justice and law

The essence of experiences of Human being through ages

After thousands of years in savage Paganism

How could we return in the third millennium

To faiths of Jahiliah and Paganism?

Multi-faced religions crept into our life

Evil fights of conflicts without retreat

That made the stone weep

The eyes of the sky pour tears

Torrents of blood on our land and field

The will of power had achievement and feats

That scared ravens on corpses feed

Servility stooping men on their crimes

They laugh and hail their deeds

Shabby scoundrels who killed on identity

Bird fledglings, flowers of society 

Nothing constrains them of being savage and mean

My time was full of deviations and corruption

Which my mind never perceive

Let the bleeding of martyrs for honour not retreat

who consecrated their life for Syrian Liberty

Instigate Heroes Salvation, Resurrection

Peace, Justice and Stability!

Sublime youths


Sublime youths overpassing their fathers

In strength and zeal

Cry to the resplendent earth

Their oath to glorious deeds

Consuming fire, senses swoon and reel

Radiant and sweet things

Their life consecrated to divine Peace

Wild and passionate with a will

Never to decay, never to cease

To liberate their homeland from ominous things

Youths who won old warm wisdom

Meditation mastery to seek enlightenment

For change, to alter, to seek a better world

Their crave for evolution

Seething fire surges high and deep

With amazement and awe they meet

All painful scars from those who doomed their nation

By rage, rancour, annihilation

But feats of sublime youths

Will trample to earth

Their schemes and hallucination



Their mortal veil they shed

In honour of their homeland liberty

Delicacies of heaven for them remain

Their Spirits offended in their tombs

Instigate souls of heroes

With eternal fire to take revenge

Over Satanic culprits who soiled the earth

With numberless wounded and corpses

Watered the floured soil with blood

Death enshrined heroes with no fear

Until Dawn would chase Darkness

Victory attended, Tyranny crumbled down!

An advice from a mother


Withdraw before you become the scourge

Against your people as tiger

You are more sensitive being a doctor

Than gladiator

Beware the transformation of time to another

The roar of people in anger

For decades were under oppressor

The will of the people is the will of God

As torrent it is never retreat, never surrender!

How could you choose the way of violence?

Relying on men, their hearts evil smoulder

Defiling maidens, torturing to death children

Bloodthirsty, trample on arrested men bodies

To stifle their voices in concentration cells

With fiendish tools tortured till were corpses

How can you sooth their afflicted families

By promises of reparation and co-operation

While the mass is roaring in indignation

Singing melancholic songs

For their martyrs died in demonstration?

 Hums the martyr


Hums, the lair of heroes blessed

City of Khaled Ben Alwalid

On Orontes river posted and rest

On your shoulders you bear heavy load

For the pledge of Liberty your wounds bleed

Men, women, children you sacrificed

Resisting lead and fire, poisoned bullets

By stones you threw scoundrels trained

To slaughter youths in the spring of their dates

By music your Martyrs adieu you sing

To the moonlight your vocation to bring

Proud, decisive, Death you disdain

To God your fervent prayer paid

Allah, Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar

Ringing through the fields and plain

Glorious to be Idol, in Generation memory remain


Shame to those who instigate

Sectarian wars to dictate

Their laws stagnate

Never distinguish swords of violation

From banners to liberate

To whom the balance shows crack-down

They flee him as if afflicted by Leprosy

While the victorious, they support with ecstasy

Their Fortune they fear to loose to Misery

Bleeding of a nation, they don’t care

Wealth of nations they usually share


It’s your fate Liberators to lift high the head

Of your Nation, to ornate it with wreath of laurels

Seats of Tyrants crack down to ruin

Memories of Liberators become the nation Feast

Good morning Hamah


Good morning Hamah the bold

Good morning the bride of cities old


From your warm body expelling

Dwarfs passed the night weaving

For your neck bonds of slavery


Light morning, Freedom of Liberates

Light morning, Blossom of Minarets

Fifty years the daughter of Orontes River pride

ON Syria plains lifted high the head

Teaching people the meaning of dying

As martyrs for their nation, for their people sake


Good morning full of the fragrance

Of roses and Arabian Jasmine

Eternal your struggle, glorious your feats

Your wounds you used to heal

Surviving newly to begin

Defeating symbols of corruption, injustice, shame

To build for civilization

Thousands of solid towers and donation!!!  

Justice of Years


Is it justice of Years

My distressed nation

Dangerously bleed from wounds

While the world

Silently, un-attentively keep?


Is it justice of Years

That your freemen are trodden

By the boots of deep grudge

That your children are tortured, maimed

Pitilessly killed by savages?


Is it justice of Years

That your sons are chased and gone astray

To near and far lands

That free- minded people for years

Are imprisoned in cells damp and deep?


Is it justice of Years

That the land of Green Liberty

Be drowned by dark sea of slavery

The light wither, darkness overwhelm?


No! This is never the character of Years!!!!

The Tyrant


You who disowned great love to own gold

A dwarf butting the clouds so bold

Ignorant subjugating the pride of the prominent

Stealing the right of elites by fraud and intent

Climbing by force tower from the tent


You who bereaved mothers from their child

Orphaned youths from their father

Stabbed your patient nation with mortal wounds

Climbing top of treason, violence and plunder

Till gasping out of breathe from anger

For decades had to succumb and suffer


Beware of your nation filling the streets from anger!

Decisive to restore his legal extorted rights

 In liberation fields from winter to summer

Enough burdening him with misery, bleeding, pains bitter!

It’s time for tyrants to vanish for ever

To build a prosperous peaceful world, better

By justice, co-operation and equal rights!

Women demonstrators


The sky echoes a furious din

Go away, go away, go away!

Before you commit a greater sin

Your prey hounds did not respect

The noble faces of liberators

Cruelly smashed by multi-traitors

Decisive, steadfast women demonstrators

Defying in Benghazi air bombs, armed tanks

Craving to be martyrs, in liberation tombs

For the pledge of liberty sheltered in their wombs


Among Arab oppressing dictators

The Libyan Tyrant is the most disgusting gladiator

Criminal, crazy, greedy, hateful, liar

The womb of the sky never created his like dictator

How could he crush his noble brave nation?

Bold spirits, descendants of Omar al Mukhtar devotion


Even the world rages of his crimes and violation

Searing glances of honest indignation

Could not exact just punishment for his violation

Overwhelmed by silly grandiose

He could not feel Libyan awes

Supported by evil powers

He transgressed human laws

Being to his people terrifying awe

Stubborn enemy to their legal claims

They’ll insure victory over the ruin of your world

Built on corruption, injustice, and shame!


© Copyright 2000-2013 Yusra Al Ayoubi